• Super Hotel Tokyo Shiba
  • Super Hotel Tokyo Shiba
  • Super Hotel Tokyo Shiba

Super Hotel Tokyo Shiba

  • Free breakfast
    Free breakfast
  • Artificial gas spring
    Artificial gas spring
2-31-17, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone:(+81)3-6670-9000 / FAX:(+81)3-6670-9010
Check in 15:00 / Check out 10:00

Notice from the manager

Information about the hotel

  • The internet section
    The internet section
  • Smoking section
    Smoking section
  • coin laundry
    coin laundry
  • parking lot
    parking lot
  • VOD Room Theater
    VOD Room Theater
  • unit bus
    unit bus
  • Wi-Fi
  • trouser presser
    trouser presser
  • All no smoke
    All no smoke

Front handing over rental product

  • stick tea
    stick tea
  • razor
  • pajamas
  • Women’s Amenity (Female only)
    Women’s Amenity (Female only)
  • Stand light
    Stand light
  • toothbrush

Room Supplies

  • Ion dryer
    Ion dryer
  • A water heater
    A water heater
  • rinse
  • shampoo
  • Body Soap
    Body Soap
  • Bath towel face towel
    Bath towel face towel
  • Air washer with humidifier
    Air washer with humidifier
  • Guest room LAN (wired)
    Guest room LAN (wired)
  • Alarm Clock
    Alarm Clock
  • Silent refrigerator
    Silent refrigerator
  • USB charging terminal
    USB charging terminal
  • Multi portable charger
    Multi portable charger
  • Deodorant spray
    Deodorant spray
  • Makeup mirror
    Makeup mirror
  • tv set
    tv set