The online reservations on our website are usually available up to six months ahead. However, we do not have a fixed schedule for the timing to start opening the reservation.

A You can check-in to the hotel up to 24:00 on the date of reservation. However, note that your reservation will be cancelled after 24:00. Also, call the hotel to inform if you are reaching later than the arrival time mentioned at the time of reservation.

Cancellation charge will apply from 15:00 on the date of reservation. Therefore, the cancellation charge will apply to visitors who arrive at the hotel past 24:00, which is the latest acceptable time for check-in (except for a group tour).

Junior high school students ("Confirmation of Student Discount Accommodation" required,) high school students (both full-time and part-time), university students, vocational school students, and graduate students in Japan and overseas are eligible. Correspondence school students, including the Open University of Japan, are eligible to all undergraduate, graduate and vocational school. However, students except for those mentioned above are not eligible. For example, non-degree students (limited credits students), occasional students, preparatory school students, cultural school (e.g. English conversation classes, computer classes) students, elementary school pupils, kindergarten pupils are not eligible. Student need to carry his/her student ID card. Please be advised that if you have returned the ID before the graduation ceremony, lost it, left it at home, or your ID has not been issued yet, you will not be eligible for the discount. Student discount will also be available if one of the co-travelers holds the eligibility, only when both guests stay in the same room.

You can book through the phone also.

According to the regulation issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, we will need a guest of non-Japanese national who do not have an address in Japan to submit a copy of passport at the time of check-in to the hotel. Even if the co-traveler who has reserved the hotel has an address in Japan, we will need a copy of passport of the guest of non-Japanese national without an address in Japan. We appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation in advance.

You can use among VISA, JCB, AMEX, Master and Diners cards.

You may not use a credit card for a purchase of special discount offers of student discount, senior plan, holiday plan, Sunday plan, and Midnight plan. * Volatile rates plan (including advance purchase plan) accepts the credit card payment (except for some hotels).

We avail the booking of a room for three only through telephone reservation due to the limited number of rooms. Some hotels avail only online reservation for such rooms.

The line might be busy. Please call back after some time. Otherwise, you may try the internet reservation.

Sorry, you cannot book it in advance; we provide the pillow first-come first-serve basis.

I am sorry, the Customer Service Office does not take the reservation.

We have "Forgot Password?" page from where we will send you a reset password.

Your phone number may be wrong. Please input each number of your workplace, home and mobile phone.

The specification of our reservation system does not allow the duplicate account (membership information) where both telephone number and mail address match. It is possible that another membership information already exists, apart from the account you are trying to modify. Delete one of these accounts in case of you can log-in to both. If you forgot your password etc., contact the Customer Service Office from the form.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but depending on handset models, the website might not fully function, in spite of our efforts in conducting adequate testing before the release for making the site fully operational for all carriers. Higher model dependency tends to occur on mobile phones, comparing with PCs, due to two reasons; 1. equipped browser and display method defer depending on the handset, and 2. version update is not easy. Your understanding is appreciated for this matter.

If your email setting does not allow any other incoming emails than having mobile phone domains to avoid spam, our email for your reservation confirmation will also not reach you. Therefore, allow "superhotel.co.jp" domain in the permitted domains list to enable our emails.

Unfortunately, it cannot be done through our reservation system on the website. Contact us on the phone for any change of duration.

The reservations list in My Menu shows only the reservations and cancellations through our reservation system on the website.

Unfortunately, as per our reservation system specification, the number of available rooms will not increase even after a cancellation happens. *Except for some hotels.

If you proceed to the hotel reservation screen before the membership registration or logging in, you will need to enter your name and gender. In such a case, our reservation system sets the default value of gender as “Male.” Therefore, note that the reservation will be confirmed as a “Male” even if you select the gender as “Female” at the subsequent membership registration. However, you will not need to input your name and gender if the reservation happens after logging in.

You can reserve it up to 24:00 on the day. Note that the date will change past 24:00. Also, the business hours of our hotel chain close at 24:00.

Membership registration is free of charge. After the registration, you can reserve and cancel the trip from our website (for PC and mobile phone). Also, you can participate in various campaign offers such as the "Toku-toku (the best deal) Card" campaign.

We would like you to avoid using it to prevent excessive burden on our line that leads to causing inconveniences to other guests. In addition, recently we have received a number of warnings from our internet service provider with identifying the names of some hotel premises, due to some guests swapping the files that violate copyright, laws and regulations. In the case of a police authority seeks an investigation after receiving the report from the provider, we will need to disclose the information of the guest stayed at the relevant room. Therefore, we request you to avoid using any file swapping software.

Starting from the reservation on the January 1, 2014, booking of ten (10) or more rooms shall be considered a group reservation (it was ten (10) people for the reservations up to December 31, 2013). In this case, the cancellation policy differs from that for individuals. Cancellation happens on nine (9) days prior to the date of check-in through two (2) days prior to the date of check-in will be charged 10% of the per-night charge per room. Cancellation happens on the day before the date of check-in through 15:00 on the date of check-in will be charged 30% of the per-night charge per person. Cancellation happens after 15:00 on the date of check-in will be charged 100% of the per-night charge. Please be advised.

Our Japanese version of the reservation system linked to the Japanese website does not allow the registration of foreign names and overseas phone number of equal and more than 12-digit. We have an English reservation system ready in our English, Korean and Chinese version of sites. Therefore, we request a non-Japanese guest (who does not have Japanese name and address in Japan) to book through this system.

Children from 0 to 6 years old will not be charged if staying with guardians, including children from overseas. *Except for some hotels.