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Super Hotel Kokuraeki Minamiguchi

Super Hotel Kokuraeki Minamiguchi
Super Hotel Kokuraeki Minamiguchi

Super Hotel Kokuraeki Minamiguchi is conveniently located in front of Kokura station, the most prosperous area of Kitakyushu, making this hotel ideal for business and sightseeing.

Address1-6-34 Kyo-machi, Kokura Kita-ku, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka
Check-in3 P.M.Check-out 10:00
SubwayAbout a 7 minute walk from the south exit of Kokura Station of the JR lines.
By CarAbout 7 minutes eastwards from the entrance of Kokura Kita on Kitakyusyu Expressway Route 2.
30 minutes drive from KitaKyusyu Airport.
By BusTake a limousine bus from Kita-Kyusyu Airport to Kokura-Eki-Mae Bus-Station and walk about 7 minutes.
Parking LotNTT West Japan AP Park of Kokura-Eki-Mae
50 parking spots available (first come, first served)700 yen per night
Over night parking is from 3pm to 10am the following morning.
Height limit : 2 meters
When the parking lot is full, please use the coin parking nearby. If this area is also full, please see hotel staff for information regarding coin parking.
1 person Single room 5,400yen~
Room soundly 5,400yen~
Women's Room 5,400yen~
Monthly 4,090yen~
2 person Super Room 7,980yen~
※100% cancellation fee takes effect after 3:00 p.m. of that day.
Room for ladies Combined bathroom Rest room(with warm water cleaning toilet seat)
Healthy breakfast Internet zone High-speed Internet room facility
VOD room theater (1000 yen for each night) Non-smoking room Coin laundry
Public phone FAX Internet support
Bath gel Bath towels / Face towels Amenity goods for ladies
Two-in-one shampoo Shaving Razor (for purchase) Paper towel
Hair Dryer Healthy ionic slipper Tea, cup and toothbrush
Air conditioner Electric pot with humidifier High-speed broad band internet (wired)
TV (above-ground wave, BS, VOD) Alarm clock Air cleaner
Iron (for rent) Refrigerator Lamp (for rent)
Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast

We provide a nutritionally balanced and healthy breakfast for all guests. A healthy breakfast ushers in a fresh new day - we are waiting for you!
※service time 
Weekend Holidays6:30~9:00

Kokura Castle

Kokura Castle

Kokura castle was first built by the Mori clan in 1569 at the last phase of the Warring States Period and later expanded by Hosokawa Tadaoki in 1602. Since 1632, the castle was the property of Ogasawara clan and experienced a thriving and prosperous period with Jyokamachi. The place which is most worth a visit in Kokura Castle is the castle tower known as “Karazukuri-no-tenshu” which was rebuilt in 1959. The tower's 5th floor is much larger than 4th floor. Such a novel structure was rarely seen in Japan at that time. In the observation room on the fifth floor, you can take in a panoramic view of the once prosperous economic center of Kokura. Now, the tower keep is used as the museum of the folk art of Kyushu, applying such advanced technologies as CG imaging and emulation dolls to reconstruct the life at that time. Kokura Castle is located in Katsuyama Park. Besides Kokura Castle Garden and Matsumoto Seicho Memorial Museum, there is the Riverwalk. Riverwalk Kitakyushu is an integration of culture, art, information publishing, and business, and is thus a popular spot for many people.

Facility information
・ Location:Fukuoka Prefecture, Kitakyushu City, Kokura Kita-ku, Jyounai 2-1
・ Phone number:093-561-1210
Riverwalk Kitakyushu

Riverwalk Kitakyushu

Red, yellow, white, black, brown……Due to its colorful appearance, people cannot help stopping in their footsteps in front of Riverwalk Kitakyushu- the new landmark of Kokura. At the first sight, Riverwalk Kitakyushu looks like it is composed of many buildings one overlapping the other; however, when you approach it, you will find it is one building. Such an amazing site! Inside Riverwalk Kitakyushu, there are large shopping malls and restaurants which are excellent for shopping and enjoying delicious food. There are rich and colorful cultural facilities such as a cinema, theater, and art gallery. Riverwalk Kitakyushu, surrounded by Katsuyama Park and Purple River, has a wide and open atmosphere. Enjoy your leisure time at the open-air coffee shop and the square where you can sit back, and relax.

Facility information
・ Location:Fukuoka Prefecture, Kitakyushu City, Kokura Kita-ku, Muromachi 1-1-1
・ Phone number:093-573-1500
Sarakurayama (night view)

Sarakurayama (night view)

Sarakurayama is THE view spot of Kitakyushu. Standing at the 622 meter high gazebo, you can take in a dynamic panoramic view of Kitakyushu from Kokura to the Kanmon Straits. "Sunset Panorama," selected as one of New Three Great Night Views in Japan, is the highlight. The sight is so bright, colorful, and dazzling that it seems like an overturned gem box; it is thus regarded as the “$10 billion night view” and is a must-see sight for couples and tourists. You can reach the peak by taking the cable car at the foot of mountain and then taking the rope-way at Sarakurayama. The sight is closed at dusk weekdays; however, during weekends, holidays, golden week, and summer vacation, it is also open in the evening.

Facility information
・ Location:Fukuoka Prefecture, Kitakyushu City, Yhatahigashi-ku, Kokura 1481
・ Phone number:093-661-0039