Elucidate ECO Night Card 2019

Information of Etsuku ECO Night Card 2019

  • From the Super Hotel Official Website, we will stamp one card per room per night for customers who booked (except for some plans).
  • 2 stamps, we will cash back 3,000 yen at the next stay at 1,000 yen, or 5 pieces at the next stay.
  • If cashback is the same as the hotel of the last stay and hotel of this time stay, we will limit it only at the time of check-in after the next day from the date the hotel was checked out last time. We are refusing to divide your reservation.
  • Please write your name in card. Your name will be required for cash back.
  • We will only validate your use of the card.
  • We will not reissue cards when lost.
  • Some discount plan can not be used. (Except when exchanging)
  • You can use it with payment by credit card.
  • 1 possible cash back will be limited to 10 cards. Depending on the number of sheets, we may be required to check the actual accommodation.

Elucidate ECO Night Card 2019 Holding Period

January 1, 2019: Start of stamp sealing
February 29, 2020: Stamp seal completion
March 31, 2020: cash back end

Effortlessly note on using ECO night card 2019

  • The seal on the stamp card is made only at check-in on the day of stay.
  • Since April 1, 2019 cards of the 2018 version can not be used at all, please be careful.
  • The usage and summation of this card will be valid only for the person him / herself.
  • Partial discount plans such as school discount, senior, holiday, early discount are subject to stamping. Regarding the long stay, weekly, accounts receivable, coupons, free tickets, etc., we will continue to exclude them. In addition, 2 consecutive nights plans will stamp 2 stamps, 3 consecutive nights plan will stamp 3 pieces.
  • The stamp pressed in the 2018 edition can not be pressed back to the 2019 edition. Until March 31, 2019, it can be used with the 2018 version and the 2019 version stamp.
  • This campaign may change the rules in the middle of the period.
  • By using the sum of cards with service stamp, only one service section will be available.
  • At Myanmar · Yangon · Gabae Road shop, we will accept ECO night cards thoroughly. I will start stamping from the night of 1st December 2018. The cash back will be 2 US $ 5 and 5 5 USD. We will cash back stamps stamped in Yangon in Japanese yen at super hotels in Japan.
  • If you make a reservation from a travel agency on the official home page, we may refuse stamping.