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Super Hotel Takamatsu Kinenkan

Super Hotel Takamatsu/Kinenkan
Super Hotel Takamatsu/Kinenkan

This hotel is no-smoking, neat and clean, located in the center of Takamatsu-shi. It is an ideal rest place for sightseeing tour and business activities.

Address1-4-12, Kankodori, Takamatsu Shi, Kagawa
Check-in3 P.M.Check-out 10:00
Subway Five minutes by taxi/bus from JR Yosan-Line Takamatsu Station.
A three minute walk from Takamatsu-Kotohira Electric Railroad Kawaramachi Station.
By Car 30 minutes from the Takamatsu EXPRESSWAY Takamatsu Chuo Interchange
Parking Lot7 parking spots (reservation required) 800 yen for each night
Over night parking is from 3pm to 10am the following morning.
Height limit : none
When the parking lot is full, please see the hotel staff for information regarding the contract parking area.
※Contract Parking: 800 yen for each night (first come, first served)
Height limit : 1.6 meters
If this area is also full, please see hotel staff for information regarding coin parking.
By Bus It will be 40 minutes by bus from Takamatsu Airport.
1 person Single room 5,120yen~
Women's Room 5,120yen~
Room soundly 5,120yen~
Monthly 4,090yen~
2 person Super Room 8,200yen~
3 person Super Room 10,290yen~
※100% cancellation fee takes effect after 3:00 p.m. of that day.
Room for ladies Combined bathroom Rest room(with warm water cleaning toilet seat)
Natural hot spring Healthy breakfast Internet zone
High-speed Internet room facility VOD room theater (1000 yen for each night) Non-smoking room
Coin laundry Public phone FAX
Bath gel Bath towels / Face towels Amenity goods for ladies
Two-in-one shampoo Shaving Razor (for purchase) Paper towel
Hair Dryer Healthy ionic slipper Tea, cup and toothbrush
Air conditioner Electric pot with humidifier High-speed broad band internet (wired)
TV (above-ground wave, BS, VOD) Alarm clock Air cleaner
Refrigerator Lamp (for rent)
Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast

We provide a nutritionally balanced and healthy breakfast for all guests. A healthy breakfast ushers in a fresh new day - we are waiting for you!
※service time 
Weekend Holidays 6:30~9:00

Sunport Takamatsu

Sunport Takamatsu

Sunport Takamatsu is located in one of the "hottest" areas of Takamatsu, centering on JR Takamatsu Station and the Takamatsu Port Passenger Terminal Center. There are many high-rise blocks of flats, commercial facilities, community facilities, etc. all around. The city of Seto, which is considered the best place to live in, displays a energetic modern metropolis. The Takamatsu Symbol Tower is the core of the city. In the highest complex building of Shikoku,except for the working area, there is an international conference center, a dining-room, a shopping mall, and many other amenities. In the sightseeing restaurant 151 meters above the ground, you can not only taste the delicious food, but also you can overlook the beautiful scenery.

Facility information
・ Location:2-1, sun port, Takamatsu Shi, Kagawa
・ Phone number:087-822-1707


It is the headquarters of about 600 Konpira-jinjya (shrines) around Japan. It is said that the shrine honors the tutelary gods of the sea Konpira, who can cure diseases, expel all evils and bring good luck. It is thus very popular among people from ancient times. The long stone steps, which are used to honor the tutelary gods Konpira for people, are also very famous, with 785 steps to the main hall and 1368 steps to the innermost part of the shrine. As long as you can stand the challenge of climbing up to the top and clasp your hands to pray sincerely, all sufferings will go away from you. The shrine is very large and wide inside, with many valuable shrines and treasures descended from ancient times. This attraction is definitely worth a visit. In addition, visitors also will enjoy patronizing the speciality shops and Udon shops along the steps.

Facility information
・ Location:892 Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa
・ Phone number:0877-75-2121
Megijima (Akuryojima)

Megijima (Akuryojima)

It is said that it is a place for Momotarou to punish the devils, thus the island is also called Akuryojima (Devil's Island). If you want to confirm whether the legend is true or not, you can take a ferry to the island from Takamatsu port. In the center of the island, there is a big cavern, leaving many belongings of the devils behind, such as a bedroom, a big living room, a confinement room... Of course, these are man-made. However, even in the daytime, the pale light in the cavern creates a ghostly atmosphere, which seems to come from another world. In addition, visitors will see displays telling about magic stories around Japan in the devil mansion of Akuryojima near the Meigi port. Why not go together to have a look?

Facility information
・ Location:Megi-Cho, takamatsu shi, Kagawa,
・ Phone number:087-873-0211