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Super Hotel Naha

Super Hotel Naha
Super Hotel Naha

Notification of the closing down Superhotel Naha

We are afraid we will close down Superhotel Naha on October 31st.
We very appreciate for your continuous support since we have opened this hotel in 1997.

We would like to keep a good relationship with you.

We are looking forward to seeing you again, thank you.

1st October 2013
President and Representative Director
Takao Yamamura

Address10-2 Yamashita-cho, Naha, Okinawa
Check-in3 P.M.Check-out 10:00
SubwayOkinawa Monorail- About 6 minutes walk from the north exit of Ounoyama Park Station
By Car"About 10 minutes drive from Tomi gu suku Interchange on Okinawa Expressway.
It takes about 5 minutes by taxi from Naha Airport."
By Bus2 minute walk from Gu-Sanbashi bus stop.
Parking Lot60 parking spots available (first come, first served)
Free of charge.
Over night parking is from 3pm to 10am the following morning.
Height Limit: None.
Single room 4,980yen~
Double room 6,200yen~
Monthly 3,330yen
※100% cancellation fee takes effect after 3:00 p.m. of that day.
Room for ladies Combined bathroom Rest room(with warm water cleaning toilet seat)
Healthy breakfast High-speed Internet room facility Internet zone
Non-smoking room Coin laundry Public phone
CS channel FAX
Bath gel Bath towels / Face towels Amenity goods for ladies
Two-in-one shampoo Shaving Razor (for purchase) Paper towel
Hair Dryer Healthy ionic slipper Tea, cup and toothbrush
Air conditioner Electric pot with humidifier High-speed broad band internet (wired)
TV (above-ground wave, BS, VOD) Alarm clock Iron (for rent)
Refrigerator Ash tray (for rooms allowing smoking) Lamp (for rent)
Electric pot Slipper
Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast

We provide a nutritionally balanced and healthy breakfast for all guests. A healthy breakfast ushers in a fresh new day - we are waiting for you!
※service time 
summer 7:00~9:30

Kokusai Dori

Kokusai Dori

Kokusai Dori is the most famous business street in Okinawa, handling a variety of commodities from stylish clothing to local specialty foods and craftworks. There are clothing shops, souvenir shops, and restaurants lining the 1.6 kilometers long street. Even on weekdays, this street is quiet bustling and crowded with people, let alone holidays. The unique vitality of Okinawa can be seen in every corner of this street, and it is also delightful for walking on the street and enjoying the vitality. Turn into the back alley, and you will see a line of cafes side by side. These cafes are reconstructed from the former folk residence and have a heavy nostalgic feeling. The quiet and peaceful alley forms a sharp contrast with the bustling street. When you feel tired of shopping in the stores, you can come to these cafes and have a rest. There are many sightseeing spots of Naha around, such as “Okinawa Prefecture Hall”, “folk’s bazaar”, and “Makishi kousetsu-ichiba public market”. Here, you can take a leisurely stroll enjoying the sights so as to taste the colorful street scenery of Naha. How delightful it is!

Facility information
・ Location:Okinawa Prefecture, Naha City
・ Phone number:098-868-4887
Naha AirportNaha Airport

Naha Airport

The most important airport in Okinawa, Naha Airport is located in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. It takes only a 5 minute drive to Naha Airport from our hotel. It is also quite convenient to commute to the airport by taking the monorail from the downtown area of Naha. The transportation is very easy. Including service to the Japanese mainland and the islands in the prefecture, Naha Airport hosts about 30 airlines. There are duty-free shops inside the airport. Tourists who hold air tickets to Japanese mainland can shop in the duty-free stores.

Facility information
・ Location:Okinawa Prefecture, Naha City, Jikagamizu
・ Phone number:098-840-1151
Syuri CastleSyuri Castle

Syuri Castle

Syuri Castle is a majestic palace which still brings us back to the ancient Ryukyu Kingdom. Since the establishment of Ryukyu Kingdom, Syuri Castle floured for 450 years as the royal court. The original castle was almost completely destroyed during the Battle of Okinawa in 1945; and the present Syuri Castle was reconstructed in 1992 as one of the Okinawa Recovery and Commemoration Projects. The castle stands on a 120 meter high hill as if it were overlooking the whole city of Naha. Syuri Castle is an exotic building mixing Chinese style with Japanese style. When standing in this castle, people always cast their minds back to the brilliant culture and scenes of the ancient Ryukyu Kingdom. Around the castle, there are many historical buildings. Including Syuri Castle, nine sites of interest have been designated as a World Heritage Site.

Facility information
・ Location:Okinawa Prefecture, Naha City, Syuri, Kanagicho 1-2
・ Phone number:098-886-2020
Himeyuri Tower

Himeyuri Tower

At the last phase of the Pacific War, the Japanese military forced all the people of Okinawa to join the battle. The most tragic event was the “student team of Himeyuri” which was made up of local female students of Okinawa by the military order. These young girls went to the battlefield as nurses; and among 240 students, 136 students died on the battlefield. Himeyuri-no-To is a tower built to mourn and pray for these young girls. Engraved with the names of the students and teachers who died as the victims of war, the stone monument conveys the true tragedy of war and the significance of peace. In the adjacent documents hall, portraits and relics of the deceased as well as videos of the survivors' testimony are exhibited, telling the tragedy of that time. The videos of the survivors’ testimony truly reproduce the cruel scenario of that time, a truly moving experience for the audience.

Facility information
・ Location:Okinawa Prefecture, Itoman City, Ihara 671-1
・ Phone number:098-997-2100