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Super Hotel Hirosaki

This is a city full of castles, apples and cherry blossoms.

Address148, Dote-Machi, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori
Check-in3 P.M.Check-out10 A.M.
SubwayJR-Ouu Hon(main) Line (Hirosaki Station)
From the station to your hotel - 12 min. walk from Hirosaki Station
By Car 30 min. from Tohoku Expressway, Kuroishi IC
Parking LotParking Capacity: 50
Fee: 500 Yen per night
Hour: 3:00 p.m.-10:00a.m.
Vehicle Size Restriction: None
* In case the parking lot is full, hotel guides lead guests to nearby coin parking lots.
1 person Single room 5,120yen~
Room soundly 5,640yen~
Women's Room 5,120yen~
Monthly 3,070yen~
2 person Super Room 7,180yen~
3 person Super Room 8,190yen~
※100% cancellation fee takes effect after 3:00 p.m. of that day.
Room for ladies Combined bathroom Rest room(with warm water cleaning toilet seat)
Healthy breakfast Natural hot spring High-speed Internet room facility
VOD room theater (1000 yen for each night) Non-smoking room Coin laundry
Public phone FAX
Bath gel Bath towels / Face towels Amenity goods for ladies
Two-in-one shampoo Shaving Razor (for purchase) Paper towel
Hair Dryer Healthy ionic slipper Tea, cup and toothbrush
Air conditioner Electric pot with humidifier High-speed broad band internet (wired)
TV (above-ground wave, BS, VOD) Alarm clock Iron (for rent)
Refrigerator Ash tray (for rooms allowing smoking) Lamp (for rent)
Exclusive chair
Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast

We provide a nutritionally balanced and healthy breakfast for all guests. A healthy breakfast ushers in a fresh new day - we are waiting for you!
※service time 

Hirosaki Nebuta Festival

Hirosaki Nebuta Festival

It is held in Hirosaki-shi from August 1st to the 7th every year and is ranked as the number one summer festival in Hirosaki. Every night, numerous citizens shout the slogan "ya-ya-do", while parading in the city and pulling a float painted with a historic picture, of a famous hero or a striking beauty. In recent years, with the increase of tourist groups and sightseeing visitors, the festival has becomes even more exciting.

Facility information
・ Phone number: 0172-37-5501


It is a stratified volcano with a height of 1625 meters, streching from Hirosaki City within Aomori County to Ajigasawa City in Nishitsugaru County. It is reputed as "Tsugaruhuji" because of its gracefully arching hillside. The latest eruption of the volcano was in 1863, however, the eruption in 1783 had caused general famines in many areas. On the top of the hill is a little pond named Tanemakinaeshiro, with many michinokukozakuras growing along the lakefront. Climbing up the volcano, which is currently dormant, is also a very popular activity.

Facility information
・ Phone number: 0172-83-3000
Hirosaki Castle

Hirosaki Castle

Also called Takaoka Castle, its' construction began in 1604 by order of Tsugaru Tamenobu. However, construction was halted after his death and completion of the castle did not occur until 1611, by his son Tsugaru Nobuhira. The castles design greatly reflects the appearance of the Edo period and is a popular tourist spot. The castle has maintains precious pieces of history from the Hansei period with completely preserved watchtowers, defense towers, castle gates, and more. In fact, there are 9 different structures designated as historically significant. With the changing seasons, the terraced castle brings a distinct beauty to Hirosaki. Enjoy the beautiful surrounds and the displays within and without.

Facility information
・ Location: 1-1 Shimoshirogane-cho, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori
・ Phone number: 0172-37-5501
Hirosaki Park弘前公园

Hirosaki Park

Surrounding Hirosaki castle the park is one of the most famous places in Japan for viewing cherry blossoms. From late April to early May every year, is the Hirosaki Sakura Festival. With the castle tower ablaze, you can enjoy the fantastic sakura even at night. In addition, during the Kiku and Momiji Festivals in autumn, the Yukidoro Festival in winter and the other festivals in other seasons, the area will be bursting with excitement. Besides Hirosaki castle, there is also the Hirosaki Municipal Museum and the Hirosaki castle Botanical Garden. The Garden houses more than 1500 species of plants. While the Hirosaki Municipal Museum displays its collection of various kinds of data on history, culture and art from the Tsugaru clan. If time permits, be sure to travel around the castle!

Facility information
・ Location: 1-1 Shimoshirogane-cho, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori
・ Phone number: 0172-37-5501