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Super Hotel Fuji Inter

Super Hotel FUJI

Only 5 minutes from the Tomei Expressway/Fuji IC. The hotel is located in the central area of the Fuji City business district and government administration office area.

Address2-43, Nagata-cho, Fuji Shi, Shizuoka
Check-in3 P.M.Check-out10 A.M.
JR Tokaido Line (Fuji station)
JR Minobu Line (Fuji station)
JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line (Shin Fuji station)
From the station to your hotel- 
- 8 minutes by car from Tokaido Shinkansen Shin Fuji station
- 8 minutes by car from JR Fuji station
By Car Use the Tomei highway-- 1.3 km from the Fuji IC, use the kendo "Tagoura Minato. Fuji Inter" line, about 5 minutes (kendo no. 353)
Parking LotParking Capacity: 58 (A reservation is necessary for large vehicles in advance)
Fee: 0 Yen per night
Hour: 3:00 p.m.-10:00a.m.
Vehicle Size Restriction: None
* In case the parking lot is full, hotel guides lead guests to nearby coin parking lots.
1 person Single room 5,840yen~
Room soundly 6,150yen~
Women's Room 5,840yen~
Monthly 4,300yen 
2 person Super Room 8,200yen~
3 person Super Room 9,240yen~
※100% cancellation fee takes effect after 3:00 p.m. of that day.
Room for ladies Combined bathroom Rest room(with warm water cleaning toilet seat)
Healthy breakfast High-speed Internet room facility VOD room theater (1000 yen for each night)
Non-smoking room Coin laundry Free IP telephone
Public phone FAX Connection room
Bath gel Bath towels / Face towels Amenity goods for ladies
Two-in-one shampoo Healthy ionic slipper Paper towel
Hair Dryer Tea, cup and toothbrush Air conditioner
Electric pot with humidifier High-speed broad band internet (wired) TV (above-ground wave, BS, VOD)
Alarm clock Air cleaner Iron (for rent)
Lamp (for rent) Refrigerator Ash tray (for rooms allowing smoking)
Feather futon
Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast

We provide a nutritionally balanced and healthy breakfast for all guests. A healthy breakfast ushers in a fresh new day - we are waiting for you!
※service time 
Weekday6:30~8:30 / Weekend Holidays6:30~9:00

Central Park

Central Park

Central Park is one of the parks representative of Fuji City. Depending on which of the four seasons you visit during, the cherry blossoms, azaleas, calamuses and some of the other lovely flowers planted here could be in bloom, making any season a great time for tourists. Fuji City's city flower, the rose, is also in great abundance with 1330 strains and over 100 kinds planted within Central Park. It is really a beautiful view with the roses all blossom together. Surrounded by green trees and blue water, the facilities in the park offer the best relaxation area for cultural activities and exercise.

Facility information
・ Location:〒417-0055 2-112 Nagata-cho, Fuji Shi, Shizuoka
・ Phone number:0545-55-2795(Fuji-shi greening class work as park administration)
・ Visit:Starting from the north exit of JR Fuji sta, take the bus to Yoshiwara central station and stop at the Central Hospital station. Walk 6 minutes ahead. By Car: Drive about 1 km straight to Fuji street from the Tomei Fuji IC
Tomei Expressway Fuji IC

Tomei Expressway Fuji IC

The Fuji IC is located at the intersection of the Tomei Expressway and Nishi Road. It is the major entrance to east Shizuoka Mt. Fuji resort. The Tomei Fuji station also has a highway bus stop. It is a very convenient intersection for the entire area.
■Major spots
Mt. Fuji, Fuji Sengen Shrine, Shiraito no Taki, Tanuki Lake, Asagiri Plateau, Lake Motosu, Aoki original, Narusawa Ice Cave, Fujikawaguchiko, and Kofu
■The nearby cities
Fujinomiya, Shibakawa-chō, Numazu-shi, Nanbu-chō of Yamanashi, Minobu-chō, Fujikawaguchiko-chō, Narusawa-mura

Facility information
・ Location:
・ Phone number: